Resources I'd like to share with others

There are several great resources I’ve used to learn more about Mathematics and Computer Science.

  • The Napkin by Evan Chen. My favourite source for pure mathematics. Contains almost everything you might encounter in an undergraduate degree in maths, plus much more.

  • Algorithmic Puzzles by Levitin and Levitin. A collection of 150 puzzles with hints and solutions. Used it for my undergraduate interviews for Computer Science.

  • 3Blue1Brown by Grant Sanderson. A channel dedicated at explaining complicated mathematical concepts using visualisation techniques.

  • Introduction to the Theory of Computation by Michael Sipser. Possibly the best book in theoretical Computer Science. The first chapters are quite accesible and later chapters introduce some of the most important, and interesting, aspects of computation.

  • Christos Nikolaidis’ website. My IB teacher’s website for all your IB Maths needs.